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Een geboorte zou een geweldige ervaring moeten zijn, maar voor moeder Eve werd dit een complete nachtmerrie. Ze krijgt hallucinaties over doodgaan net nadat ze bevallen is. Lees meer...

Een groep moeders
Aan een grote groep vrouwen met de diagnose kraambedpsychose is gevraagd welke symptomen zij gemerkt hebben voordat de psychose begon. Lees meer...

Vrouwen met een medische voorgeschiedenis zoals bipolaire stoornis of psychotische kwetsbaarheid (schizofrenie) hebben een verhoogd risico op het krijgen van een kraambedpsychose, maar bij de meeste vrouwen slaat het toe zonder waarschuwing vooraf. Lees meer...

For a decade I had the same recurring nightmare; that I would walk into the Augusta Mental Health Institute for some kind of meeting, the doors would close behind me, and I couldn't get out. The dreams always started off with me having to go there for something innocuous. Once inside they inform me I cannot leave. I check all the doors, I am crying; I plead with them. No matter what I say, no matter what I do, I have to stay there. Locked inside. Read more...

Affected parents speak out
Women are more at risk of severe mental illness after giving birth than at any other time in their lives. In the worst cases it can lead to postpartum psychosis, also known as puerperal psychosis, a mental illness which affects one in 500 new mothers and can result in suicide or them killing their baby. BBC Newsnight has spoken to people affected by this devastating but poorly understood condition, which often goes undetected because doctors and midwives can fail to recognise the symptoms. Read more...

Mental illness after childbirth should not be taboo
Three days after my baby daughter was born, I was indeed rapturously happy. Surrounded by flowers, a swaddled bundle in my arms, I felt incredible. In fact, I was so happy and overwhelmed with love that I couldn't sleep. I couldn't stop my mind and wrote endless notes about my gorgeous daughter and her special place in the world. Seven days later I would be admitted to a psychiatric ward, convinced that I had a mission from God to bring about the end of the world. Read more...


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